Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Knitters and Crocheters Care's participation at the TAPS event was truly a success! We have been asked to participate again next year - and I was thrilled to tell the people at TAPS that we would definitely be there ( for anyone who would like to check them out).

I have lots of pictures and stories from the event - so I'll upload them over a few days, as I don't want to overwhelm anyone (including myself).

The exhibit hall was much quieter and more serious on Friday - and was much more cheerful and lively on Sunday. At one point on Sunday our booth was surrounded by people talking and laughing and learning to knit and crochet. It was very interesting to see how people attending the TAPS event changed over the three days. We taught a few people on Friday who looked lonely, sad and confused. When these people stopped by again on Sunday, we noticed a change in mood and attitude. The participants were more positive and proactive in the way they approached things. Generally, they were also showing more pride in their own appearances and were taking much better care of themselves. I am not naive - I know that the program as a whole is what helped these people to begin healing - but for some of them, we were a part of that healing.

Almost everyone at TAPS is a volunteer. The first year, you participate as a survivor. However, when you come back after the first year, you are a survivor and you are also a volunteer. While many of the stories we heard were heartbreaking, it was also uplifting to see how the TAPS program gave people the skills to cope with their loss. Knitters and Crocheters Care was part of the Exhibit Hall - and most of the exhibits concerned creative ways to deal with grief. The TAPS program is truly amazing and I'd like to do whatever I can to continue helping.

Next year, I'd like to bring approximately 350 memory pillows and more donations for the silent auction. I'll be posting about these goals throughout the next year.

I taught this woman to crochet 3 years ago, at a TAPS event. She had lost her husband and her mother both within a short amount of time before that year's TAPS event. She told me she wanted to honor her mother by learning to crochet. So, I gave her and her friend a quick lesson. When she got home, she bought a pattern book and made this aghan. She called it her grief afghan

Three years later, this woman is totally addicted to crocheting! She made the following beautiful afghan and donated it to TAPS for their silent auction

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Knitting for our Neighbors, crochet too
begins June 13

2nd Wednesday of the month
(6/13;7/11;8/8; 9/12; 10/10; 11/14; 12/12; 1/9; 2/6
Food & Friends
219 Riggs Rd NE
Phone 202-269-2277
Metro is Fort Totten. F&F operates a shuttle (white, with F&F on top & sides). Shuttle driver cell is 202-669-6437.

Class is free. $5 for supplies, or bring your own. Absolute beginners, including kids age 10 and up welcome. Please contact knitting networker, Michelle or join the yahoo group, KnittingNeighbors

For new F&F clients, we’d like to deliver pot holders (hot pads, oven mitts, etc). That means we need 100+ a month!

To knit or crochet, use wool or cotton (not acrylic, which melts). When quilting use cotton fabric & batting. Minimum finished size: 7” x 7”. Remember to add a loop for hanging. Potholders knit with loops are also welcome. The wilder, the better.

Send to: Food & Friends, Attn: Potholders, 219 Riggs Road NE, Washington, DC 20011.

Be sure to include your name & address (or a SASE) within the package so that we can send you a thank you note. You may also deliver your donation directly to Food & Friends, Monday - Saturday.

Scarf Drive for Food & Friends' Clients begins in December.

In 2007, Food & Friends collected enough items for each of our 1,100 clients to receive one. We plan to do the same this year. Donated yarn, knitting needles and crochet hooks are available at Food & Friends.

Scarves should be handmade and unisex, 5” to 8” wide and 48” or longer. Hats and afghans welcome, they need to be unisex. Please add a note to each item, attached with a safety pin or with a piece of yarn, on fiber content and washing instructions.

Send to: Food & Friends, Attn: Scarf Drive, 219 Riggs Road NE, Washington, DC 20011.

Be sure to include your name & address (or a SASE) within the package so that we can send you a thank you note. You may also deliver your donation directly to Food & Friends, Monday - Saturday.

Deadline is February 6, 2008. The Food & Friends knitting project is one of the ways that Food & Friends enhances the lives of the people we serve.